For a starter, you may not need a high perfermance or expensive VPS to learn linux programming, building website, running scripts and so on. Cheap VPS seems is a good choice for these purposes.

Yes, Cheap VPS not only exists but is also can be reliable and good. But it often comes with some sacrifices and I will mention it later.

I have been using CloudCone since 2018, now let me talk about my experience with CloudCone to you.

1. About CloudCone

CloudCone is a stack of cloud services that offers cloud servers, dedicated servers, and email hosting. CloudCone was founded in July 2017 (born from Quadcone, launched in 2012). Their servers are located in MultaCom Data Center, Los Angeles, USA.

Looking Glass:

2. Advantages

CloudCone reorganized their product line at Oct 10, 2021. They launched a new Value Tier VPS and re-branded their existing Cloud Servers as Scalable Cloud Servers.

The following picture gives a quick breakdown of Scalable Cloud and VPS:


The biggest advantage of CloudCone is cheap. CloudCone’s Scalable Cloud Server starting at $4.20/mo with 1 vCore/1G RAM/20G SSD/3T Bandwidth on 1 Gb/s plan. And it’s hourly pricing, you can choose resources you need and pay for what you actually use.

You can choose an unmanaged VPS for a better price. 1 vCore/1G RAM/50G SSD Cached HDD/1T Bandwidth on 1 Gb/s for $17.99/year. It’s absolutely an attractive price. And yes, they have seasonal offers and holiday offers with bigger discounts!

CloudCone also offers DDoS protected IP option on Scalable Cloud Servers, up to 1 TB/s protection provided by Voxility for $2/IP/month. It’s a plus for who use it to building websites.

The Control Panel is my favorite part. UI friendly, simply and easy to use. The following picture is a Scalable Cloud Server’s crontrol panel:


Besides, great uptime, fast and friendly ticket support also are CloudCone’s advantages.

3. Disadvantages

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post: Cheap often comes with some sacrifice.

You can not ask everything with this price (but they do offer high-end plan if you want to spend more), and they do oversale the host server to add more stock IMO. I’ve got some very bad performance VPSs, especially CPU performance. I tested one of my VPSs with GeekBench5 and only got ~300 CPU marks in the past. But it gets better now, I think CloudCone did some optimaze work and added more host servers. And there is a YABS test result of 1 vCore/1.5G RAM/20G SSD/5T Bandwidth on 1 Gb/s promotional plan for just $10/year.


As you can see, I won’t it’s a performance monster but it’s a price–performance ratio monster. Hard disk speed is great. Network speed and CPU performance are not great but acceptable. Once you look at it’s price, nothing cloud be a problem.

4. Summary and Advice

You can not get both low price and good performance. CloudCone is doing great to balance them. And the stability is great, there was almost no downtime in the past 3 year I used, maybe two or three times, but it get recovered not long.

If you just need an inexpensive VPS hosting to build your blog or run some lite Python scripts, it’s worth to try CloudCone.

5. Selected Plans

There are some selected plans and the newest sales:


  • CPU: Intel E3/E5
  • Storage: Raid 10(VPS plans are SSD Cached HDD,SC2 plans are pure SSD)
  • Network Link: 1 Gigabit
  • 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

Last Update: 2022-04-16

1. Value VPS

CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price Order
1C 1G 50G 1T $17.99/yr Link
2C 2G 95G 3T $28.99/yr Link
3C 3.5G 190G 6T $48.99/yr Link

2. Scalable Cloud VPS

CPU RAM SSD Bandwidth Price Order
1C 1G 20G 3T $3.80/mo Link
2C 2G 40G 3T $7.80/yr Link
2C 4G 60G 3T $13.80/yr Link
4C 4G 100G 3T $16.99/yr Link